The Next Chapter

It’s so refreshing to be starting a new blog during such an exciting time in my life.

Last year I created Bumped Head and Bruised Soul and I had many successes through that blog, including it helping me secure a place at university. I’m a “mature” student (I still hate that term haha I’m 21!) at Worcester University studying English Language and Journalism. I have an immense passion for writing and reading which – mixed with my love of cosmetics and design – is what has led to me committing to a new blog – Eleanor Jasmin.

I am at a point in my life where a lot is evolving and I really wanted to capture that whilst I can; last year I started university and met my partner and wished I’d have blogged all those experiences. Whereas this year, my partner and I are having a baby, buying our first property and I finish my first year at uni so I am determined to blog these memories.

So if you fancy following me on this journey, please subscribe to my blog and also follow my twitter @ElleJasminBlogs for day to day updates.

With love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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