My Lush Essentials

I have always been a big fan of Lush, and over the years (with probably thousands spent in store) I’ve got some favourites that I will always have in my bathroom – a face mask, a foot mask, massage and shower bars, bath bombs and bubble bars – one of each and you’re well on your way to an at-home pamper night.

So here are my top 6 fave Lush products:

Face Masks –

I love a good face mask, especially as I can be so lazy with skin care, they always seem to give my skin a little pick me up. However, I’ve become more fussy about all natural ingredients which is why I turn to Lush for all my face masks now as I feel more confident applying it to my skin.

Cupcake was one of the first Lush items I bought and I’ve loved it ever since. Rhassoul mud along with cocoa powder draws out impurities for a deep cleanse whilst cocoa butter softens and moisturises – the best part is, all that cocoa makes it smell good enough to eat.

Mask of Magnaminty is a new favourite which has massively cleared up any break outs I may have. Peppermint oil is used to refresh tired looking skin and primrose seeds to gently exfoliate. This mask is a face and body product, so if you suffer with acne anywhere else, this mask is still suitable to apply.

Foot Mask –

The Volcano foot mask is a product I was using years ago after dance comps or shows, however now it’s perfect for a foot treatment as I can barely reach my feet anymore to actually look after them haha. This product is definitely recommended to expectant moms, as it cools down hot feet or warms up cool toes. The past couple uses I’ve had to have some help applying it, but then I lay a towel in bed and sit with my feet up for 20 mins or so – I’ve definitely found this useful for once a week rather than worrying about moisturising my feet everyday as they are now somewhat out of reach haha. To remove, pop plastic bags on your feet (yes, I know it sounds ridiculous) waddle to the bathroom and remove in the shower; the pumice grains also work great as a foot scrub for dry skin.


Massage Bars –

Also very new favourites which I’ve gown to love more during my pregnancy as they contain so many oils. I’m currently using Therapy, Tender Is The Night, Hottie and Each Peach.

Therapy (1) contains cocoa and shea butter which tend to be the base for all the bars as they melt at body temperature, but it also contains lavender oil which is perfect to use just before bed to aid with sleep.

Tender is the night (2) contains ylang ylang, jasmine and vanilla fairtrade oils which give off a gorgeous sweet aroma.

The Hottie bar (3) warms as it’s being used which is a perfect product for sore aching muscles and the vanilla, black pepper, and ginger oils create a comforting aroma that stimulates circulation.

Each Peach contains loads of citrus oils, making it a perfect wake me up bar to use first thing in the morning.

Shower Bars –

Like massage bars …. but for the shower. I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover these, they are the packaging-free body moisturisers (saving the planet and moisturising, I feel like wonder woman haha). Apply them like a bar of soap, but the oils moisturise whilst you’re showering – these are a god send if you’re lazy with moisturising like I am, or if you’re in a rush, I really loved them during early pregnancy as they’re quick to use and meant I could prevent stretch marks from day one. I have practically used up the Snow Fairy bar (candyfloss heaven,but you don’t need me to tell you how insanely good that scent is haha). My current favourite is Scrubee (4); containing honey and cocoa butter to soften but ground coconut shells and almonds to exfoliate – again, another perfect product if you’re lazy with exfoliating like myself.

Bath Bombs –

Okay this is self explanatory why I love their bath bombs, I don’t have specific favourites yet because I have loved every single one I’ve bought. In my bathroom I’ve currently got Twilight (1) which contains lavender oils to aid sleep, Tisty Tosty (2) which is a rose scented bath bomb and Super Mom which I got for Mothers day off my partner haha. I wont go into too much detail as I personally recommend any Lush bath bombs. However, avoid Sex Bomb during pregnancy, as it can apparently bring on labour!

Bubble Bars –

Again, I’m a very big fan of their bubble bars but one I’m currently repurchasing is the Milky Bath (3) with orange oil and soya milk which conditions your skin whilst you soak and has been perfect during my pregnancy to keep my skin moisturised.

I hope this little essentials list has given you some ideas for your next Lush shop, if you have any personal favourites you think I should try out please leave a comment below as I would love to try more.

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

16 thoughts on “My Lush Essentials

  1. Em

    Sex bomb brings out labour!?! My mind is blown!

    Anyway, shock of that aside! I love lush too, I’ve definitely spent more than I should in there. I’m currently on a lush ban for the next couple of weeks but that foot mask sounds right up my alley!
    Em x


  2. Josh

    I have to say I love the milky bath bar! So good for chilling out after a long day on the go teaching. All you need is a good book and you could be anywhere in the world. I can’t wait to try some of these other products though!


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