My Relaxed Nighttime Routine

My bedtime routine has altered massively since finding out I’m pregnant and I hope this is helpful for other expectant moms looking for a way to relax or even those that struggle sleeping sometimes. I don’t always follow every single step mentioned in this post but here’s a few that have been helping me greatly …

I’ve been really aiming to keep my bedtime at a similar time (I sound like such a mom haha) but it really seems to be helping that I’ll be in bed at a consistent time every night. Caffeine is a huge factor when it comes to sleeping issues – avoid any caffeine (including chocolate) for about two hours before bedtime if you’ve been finding it difficult to sleep. Most evenings I try to switch off my device at least a half hour before bedtime so all screens are away and my mind can begin to unwind. I may also follow this with a book if I’ve been really struggling with sleep – I’ve been loving Happy Mum, Happy Me by Giovanna Fletcher. If reading isn’t always your thing then definitely give audio books or classical music a try – I know, I sound like a pensioner but trust me, sleeping to classical music has made me get to sleep quicker and for much longer, I rarely wake during the night when it’s on in the background. Also it aides baby’s cognitive development, even in the womb, so we’ve been loving it.

During that half hour before bed, we turn on our bed heater and I either take a bath – if I’m feeling an extra pamper – or a shower using lavender based products then follow it with lavender moisturisers or a body oil. I’ve started religiously applying moisturiser but to keep things simple, I then use the same on my face to save faffing about during bedtime whilst I’m especially tired. My skin has been pretty dry during pregnancy, so I’ve had to be very consistent with lip balm also.

I’ve then been using a lavender oil spray and I literally coat the entire bed with its heavenly scent haha (bit obsessed with lavender at the moment) which I cannot recommend enough! Three of my favourites are from Avon, My Spa and Waitrose (all given to me by family as they’ve heard my difficulty with sleeping haha) but any lavender spray will work wonders.

We’ve also been lighting some candles and turning on the fairy lights so there’s a dimmer light in our bedroom than the harsh main light. Light has a huge impact on your sleep; from false lighting such as that on your phone to natural light coming in through your curtains, it genuinely affects sleep more than people realise. So I highly recommend turning off devices, buying black-out curtains and having main lights off for at least an hour before you plan to sleep. I for one have found this to work wonders with my routine.

The last suggestion is pretty simple and obvious – just get comfy. New bedsheets, a new silk pillow or even a new soft blanket; it makes all the difference. I’ve been literally building a nest lately to get myself and the bump comfy haha but it works!

I hope these simple steps are helpful and I would love to hear some more if you have them!

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

5 thoughts on “My Relaxed Nighttime Routine

    1. oh trust me it’s so difficult haha! the best thing we did was go book shopping (may sound very adult and boring haha) and picked up some books we really wanted to read so it made the transition to switching off devices just that little bit easier! x

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