Bump Updates – The “Glow”

Expectant moms, prep yourselves, the “glow” isn’t a light switch and sometimes doesn’t exist at all …

As some of you may know I had some serious difficulties with my first trimester – from sickness and nausea to bleeds and depression. But was constantly told “don’t worry, get to the 12 week mark and the glow will hit you”. Nope, it’s a lie.

For me, the “glow” didn’t hit me until 20 weeks, 8 long weeks into my second trimester. I had got myself so excited that I’d wake up on 12+1 weeks, like a pregnant goddess, sickness-free, with mothers enviously turning their heads whilst my shiny locks swayed in the wind. It’s all bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, some people do have that experience and I will always be jealous of you haha. But I spent another 8 weeks, a shade of grey-green, with dry skin, dry hair and a grumpy attitude to match.

Luckily my sickness had passed at 16 weeks but it took some time for the “glow” to catch up. At around 20 weeks I really started enjoying my pregnancy; my bump popped and is gorgeous (yes I am biased). I started loving food again (wait for the craving update coming soon haha) and I could start wearing make up and wearing clothes other than my pyjamas haha. And the “glow” did hit me, before I even noticed it myself, people on the train would ask about my pregnancy and tell me I looked amazing, my family tell me how well I look and my partner has started loving the pregnancy with me now that he’s not having to supervise my morning sickness haha.

For moms to be, don’t count down for the glow to come because it can happen at any point or never at all. Just try every day to enjoy the pregnancy and the beautiful baby you’re creating. The glow doesn’t always hit you like a light switch.

I would love to hear more moms experience of the “glow” so please comment below!

With love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

11 thoughts on “Bump Updates – The “Glow”

  1. I’m not pregnant or planning on having a baby anytime soon but I love reading pregnancy updates and pregnancy related blog posts. Really enjoyed reading this update Eleanor! I feel like your pregnancy is going by so far, won’t be long till the little one is here 😀

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  2. I’m so happy for you to hear that your sickness has finally passed! My sisters never suffered with morning sickness in any of their pregnancies, so I’m hoping it’s a family trait and I won’t when I eventually fall pregnant either.. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️


  3. Every pregnancy is so different and there’s much floating around out there stipulating how everyone’s should be..bah humbug… just enjoy yours as much as you’re able to and take each moment as is 🙂


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