Bump Updates – The 2nd Trimester

So, I wanted to share another little update on my pregnancy – luckily my second trimester was much more positive than my first!

My sickness which had initially made me bed bound in the first trimester, had now eased off massively by 14 weeks (I mistakenly believed that my sickness would disappear by 12 weeks, but you can read more about that fiasco here). I could now start enjoying food again and had the beginnings of cravings; I began to make more effort to eat healthily with lots of vegetables and fruit but due to my initial sickness, there are some foods/smells I really cannot even think about without being reminded of how poorly I was (most notably, our air freshener which I used to cover the constant smell of sick, which I should probably just throw out). This sudden decrease in morning sickness allowed me to attend university more frequently again and my grades stayed at A’s and B’s, which eased any previous nerves I did have.

My biggest cravings started to appear and were sugary foods like chocolate and cola (I know, very naughty), however I did experience some very peculiar cravings such as lavender, the smell of warm water on a face cloth (if that makes any sense haha) and the smell of shoe polish (I am aware of the chemicals in polish and didn’t smell it frequently/for long periods). I never particularly wanted to eat these haha it was more a craving of the smell, but after some thought we think I was craving comforting smells that were relaxing me and easing my anxiety.

I first felt my baby move at 15 weeks, this is considered extremely early for a first time mom but due to my placenta being posterior fundal (attached at the back) and my lack of fat covering my stomach, I was lucky enough to feel the baby flutter. In the beginning it felt more like little bubbles popping in my tummy, which J amazingly began to feel in the same week too. By 19 weeks I was experiencing full blown kicks which became stronger and stronger over the following weeks.

At 16 weeks, the excitement over took us and we booked a private scan to find out the gender of our baby – we are very happy to announce we have a healthy little girl on the way! This scan was a beautiful moment; hearing her heartbeat, seeing how much she’d grown and then discovering her gender was very over-whelming yet filled us with so much more love and excitement. It was at this point that we told all our family and friends; we had decided to wait until the gender scan so that we had lots of time enjoying our pregnancy for ourselves before everyone knew and also to account for any potential issues that may arise before telling the whole world.

However, amongst all the positivity, we did have one scare. At 18 weeks I was travelling into university on the train, which is a trip I had taken frequently before. However this time, it took a turn for the worst. I very quickly went extremely hot, sweaty and began feeling period like pains in my pelvis and back with frequent tightenings. As the pain intensified, I then started feeling very very faint and noticed I hadn’t felt the baby move all morning. The moment I came off the train, I sat myself down and was then met by two police officers who happened to be near by and promptly called for an ambulance. Once I had reached hospital and J was informed, he then met me in A&E, we were dealt with by doctors, gynaecologists, obstetrics and maternity triage. As soon as we heard our baby’s heartbeat, every worry left my mind. However, the hospital then spent the next 6 hours trying to detect my pain – after blood tests, a Doppler and then an internal examination, they couldn’t draw a solid conclusion and advised me to continue taking pain relief and return if it worsened. Luckily, after a week or so of this pain, it did begin to ease off. I would always recommend visiting hospital if your baby’s movements change or you experience new pain – it’s always better to be safe.

During my 19th week, I celebrated my 21st a lot differently to what I had initially planned haha – I enjoyed a quiet meal with mocktails with my family and was then very spoiled with an overnight stay in a luxury boutique hotel close to home by my lovely boyfriend. We had the most incredible night and it was lovely to spend time together, enjoying each other’s company before the little ones arrival.

At 20 weeks we had our final NHS scan which we really enjoyed – it was about a 40 minute scan all together whilst they thoroughly checked and measured the baby. Throughout our pregnancy we have been very lucky to always measure perfectly and never experience any medical issues; this scan especially made me so unbelievably relieved that I had managed to grow such a perfect little baby and stopped me worrying as much about her development. We had multiple midwife appointments but these were the typical blood and urine tests so nothing too exciting.

Over this trimester, my nerves about becoming a mother and the birth really did fade which I have discussed on my blog previously. I also began embracing my maternity body; my bump really began to show at about 14 weeks and I religiously applied moisturisers/oils to avoid any stretch marks. I also throughly loved shopping for my growing bump – ASOS, H&M and New Look were all amazing for affordable yet still fashionable maternity clothes. One very big difficulty with my growing bump however, was sleeping – getting used to sleeping on your side and making yourself comfortable is a nightmare in pregnancy, so I resorted to stealing most of our pillows and building myself a bit of a nest to help. I also found lavender spray and lavender essential oils really eased my sleep issues which had only become a problem during my pregnancy.

The only consistent issues I had with this trimester was aches and pains as the bump grew; this was worsened as I hadn’t put on any weight elsewhere, so the bump was growing a lot quicker than my body could keep up with. The top of my bump was quite often very sore where the weight was being dragged down, however lying on my side supported by lots of pillows and applying a hot water bottle, did ease this pain quite quickly.

This trimester was the polar opposite to my first and meant that both J and I could begin to enjoy our pregnancy more. However, I am aware this isn’t relevant for all pregnancies so don’t take my updates as a guide, each and every pregnancy takes a different path.

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to update you all on our 3rd trimester! I would also love to hear of other weird cravings any moms experienced so comment below!

With love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

4 thoughts on “Bump Updates – The 2nd Trimester

  1. So lovely to read! I love pregnancy updates I think that they settle my broodiness (slightly). Cravings are so strange aren’t they? Mine was rubber specifically elastic bands. I’m so excited for you and cannot wait for you to hold your precious little girl in your hands, all the anxiety about being a mother will leave then! Trust me birth is the easy bit haha! – Keigh (makeupandmummydays) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww that’s so lovely! thank you ☺️ cravings are insane – rubber bands are one I’ve never heard of before haha! I’m so excited and these last couple weeks will fly by xx


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