My New Glowy Skin Care Regime

Today I really wanted to share with you some current skin care loves; I’ve never really taken skin care that seriously or religiously until recently so thought it was worth sharing some products that have helped me to maintain my pregnancy glow.

My skin care regime has really stepped up its game during my pregnancy as I want to maintain the glowy, clear skin that pregnancy hormones have finally blessed me with (hallelujahhh).

I’ve always been lucky in the sense that my skin isn’t particularly sensitive to products so I can always test and try new ones without the worry. My skincare has always remained quite simple just because I don’t like the feeling of layering too much product and don’t really like spending too much time on skincare.

To begin with, I always remove my make up with coconut oil and a damp cotton wool pad to remove the worst of it. I much prefer using coconut oil rather than a make up remover wipe as they can really tug on the skin, leading to wrinkles and sensitive patches with long term use.

I then go on to use my new 9 to 5 Cleanser from Lush! Which I apply straight to the skin, massage in and remove with a damp face cloth. I prefer doing this after removing my make up with a damp cotton pad as my face cloth doesn’t take the brunt of all my make up and need washing as often haha.

Then if I feel like I need it, I alternate between my Simple Refreshing Facial Wash or my L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub. I tend to use either of these every other day as it depends on what I think my skin really needs; a deep scrub or a gentle chemical free wash. The L’Oreal Glow Scrub is just a wonder product – it exfoliates just enough without feeling like it dries out my skin.

If I’m really feeling like a pamper, I will then apply a face mask. Either Lush or 7th Heaven – both of which I have used for years! Lush Face Masks are much more natural and thick, whereas 7th Heaven are brilliant for a quick skin pick-me-up, especially the peel-off masks which are quicker and hassle free in my opinion. Both of these brands use natural products which I love on my skin, however Lush’s face masks have a short date life to them, so are more naturally fresh.

Then I use my new serum massage bar from Lush, Full Of Grace. I just love everything about this product – as it’s solid there’s no packaging, the oils don’t leave my skin feeling greasy and the scent is light, again, as Lush use such natural products.

If my skin is feeling really rough then I don’t use my serum bar, instead I will use an oil and then a moisturiser on top – this gives your skin a huge surge of hydration and sinks in quickly with the help of the moisturiser. The combinations I tend to use are Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Oil and Bedtime Baby Lotion or Palmers Coconut Oil Body Oil and Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter Body Lotion. The Johnson’s combination is my favourite at the moment because it is so so gentle and natural on my skin, as well as being lavender scented which aides my sleep.

Then I finish it all off with a little of Nivea’s Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter; I’ve been converted from Vaseline as it just stopped hydrating my lips and have fallen in love with Nivea’s light formula instead.

I hope this post has highlighted some new products or inspired you to switch up your skin care regime a bit.

Let me know in the comments some of your all time favourite skin care items as I love trying new products!

With love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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