My Glowy Everyday Make-Up

As some of you may have read, I previously wrote a make-up routine on my former blog Bumped Head And Bruised Soul, where I detailed how everyday I wore a full face of make up; contour, eyebrows and all. But now I’m writing for my new blog and so close to my first baby’s due date, I wanted to update you on my very different make-up routine which is glowy, fresh faced and quick.

Finding out we’re having a girl almost 20 weeks ago, has really made me reconsider how I view myself and how my daughter will eventually view me. Make up previously was the be all and end all, and I wouldn’t have left the house without any on, however now the following routine I’m going to share with you is the polar opposite; simple, quick and very natural. I really want my daughter to grow up more confident and body positive than I ever did and I believe that starts with me – I don’t mind her seeing me applying a quick face day to day or a full face for a special occasion, but I don’t want her to associate that with what makes you beautiful. Therefore this routine allows her to see me looking like, well, me, without any drastic changes. This also gives me lots more time in the mornings for extra cuddles – which is a definite win-win.

Anyway, I’m really excited to share the simplicity of these products with you, I really hope this is helpful for new moms-to-be and that you discover some new products!

So to start off, I use my 9 to 5 Cleanser from Lush, followed by a quick drying moisturiser – I’ve been loving Johnson’s baby lotions for my skin because it’s made it so unbelievably soft. This then means I have a good, clean base and usually skip primer (which previously was a big no no for me haha). I’ve really come to realise that a good skin care regime can make all the difference for how make up applies and lasts on the skin – for extra tips have a look at my current skin care routine.

For my base, I use Rimmel’s Insta Flawless Skin Tint – this alone provides a basic SPF and gives my skin a glowy tanned appearance. If I feel like I want a touch more coverage, I use MAC’s Face and Body Foundation which I’ve found to be really buildable but not streaky if you only want to apply a little, but I still tend to only apply a light coverage.

Now I would normally use concealer and bake it with a powder but recently I haven’t felt the need to do either of these steps and just dust a little Dior Forever and Ever Control powder to lightly set my base.

To finish my base I do a simple swirl of Benefit’s Hula bronzer, followed by Chanel’s Jones Contraste powder blush in 15 Orchid Rose; a hint of pink on top of bronzer gives the appearance of a more natural sun kissed glow, which blends well with natural tans that usually have a hint of pink undertones. For highlighter, I have been loving Barry M’s Illuminating Highlighter Palette on the high points of my cheekbones to bring some radiance back to my skin and complete the base.

Then I do a quick fill of my eyebrows and a couple layers of mascara with any eyebrow pencil and mascara that I have lay around and voila, finished.

I can’t believe the evolution of my make up routine over the past year alone and never thought I’d be wearing as little as I have been over the past few months but pregnancy alone has made me too tired to do a full face yet blessed me with gorgeous glowy skin so this routine has been working perfectly. And will definitely work perfectly with a new born as well.

With Love,

Eleanor Jasmin x

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